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Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery is a very special and sensitive thing that we use to wear on special occasions. Whether it’s gold or diamond jewellery, it might require repair and maintenance after some time. You should get your jewellery repaired from a reliable and specialized place. Opulence Jewellery Service is here with highly skilled and experienced people that will repair your jewellery with latest technology. Our flawless repairing services can provide you the finest solution for your jewellery repairs. Furthermore, we try our best to Jewellery repairs the damage on your jewellery without harming its real colour, shape, and design. In this way you don’t need to renew or redesign your jewellery item that was your favorite for the last many years. We not only provide perfect solution of the damage but also ensure the safety of its real beauty and sensitivity. The shine of the jewellery is the most important thing that we give it back through jewellery polishing and jewellery cleaning.

What we offering in Jewellery Repairs Services?

Ring Repair

Ring repair is our top jewellery repairs service in which we repair all sorts of rings whether it has become loose, wom, or its stones are missing or loose. We know how to fix all of these issues in no time.

Bracelet Repairs

Your bracelet is the on your wrist which is on high risk of getting damaged, scratched, or loose. In case if there is something wrong with your beautiful and sensitive bracelet then let us know. We will repair it without leaving any sign of jewellery repairs behind.

Necklace Repair 

Looking for someone to repair your necklace? Opulence Jewellery is here to meet your requirements and demands at minimal prices. We have experienced people that can repair your necklace whatever issue it is facing.

Earring Repair

Your earrings are the most noticeable thing in your jewellery that you won’t repeat in different functions. So if you want to change the stones, polish, or renew the design then we are here to help you with our best expertise.

Chain Repair

Whether it’s a silver chain or a gold chain, we will repair it and polish it whenever you need. Opulence Jewellery is here with its latest technology that enables us the finest jewellery repairs shop. Opulence Jewellery Services provides the best Ring Repairs in London with affordable price.

Jewellery Repairs & Manufacturing Services

Jewellery Cleaning London

Cleaning old and dull jewellery is a great pleasure for Opulence Jewellery Services as we have latest tools to clean your jewellery items. We are always there to turn your old and dull jewellery into brand new and shiny one. Undoubtedly, you would love your jewellery items after getting them cleaned here. This is because we clean it by heart and leave no spot of dullness or something else that reduces its shine and beauty.

Gemstone Replacement

Replacing the gemstone from your jewellery is not a big deal for Opulence Jewellery. We are here with high trained and experienced jewelers that are working for our company since the last 15 years.

Jewellery Repairs Service While You Wait

Same day service/ while you Wait is available at no extra charge. We offer expert advice on the best option to restore or remodel the jewellery item. Available (Tue – Fri )only

Comprehensive Experience

Finest Gold Gallery offers the most comprehensive experience to its customers with a state of the art workshop on sit. Our customers enjoy watching their jewellery being processed

Jewellery Polishing

Jewellery Polishing is the best solution to renew the old jewellery or to give it more shine. A quality polishing can give your piece of jewellery a powerful & long lasting shine which you always desire for. But how will you get it?

Affordable Jewellery Repair

Our Jewellery repairs services started at £15. Call us Today @ 07508987090.

A Comprehensive Jewellery Repairs Experience

Welcome to Opulence Jewellery Services, here you will find the most reliable and amazing jewellery repairs services. We will ensure a comprehensive jewellery repairs experience with us that you will remember for so long. Having complete collection of jewellery repairs devices from latest technology, we confidently offer the best solutions for your old, damaged, and stained jewellery. 

No doubt, your jewellery maybe the most expensive thing you own and therefore it needs to be taken in care. We promise you to take care of your precious jewellery items till we return it to you after proper repair and restoration. We believe in customer’s satisfaction from our excellent comprehensive jewellery repairs services. Having the right people at our place we provide the best result of your jewellery repairs with our utmost efforts. We take every single order on serious notes and that’s what makes us responsible and professional in our field.

Finest Gold Gallery Jewellery Repairs Services

  • Jewellery cleaning
  • Ring Resize 
  • Rhodium plating
  • Gold Plating
  • Lock and Clasp Repair
  • Soldering
  • Prong & Claw retipping
  • Laser Engraving,
  • Laser Soldering, 
  • Diamond Milling/Cutting
  • Broken Necklace
  • Polishing
  • Resetting Stone
  • Stringing
  • Replacing Lost Stones
  • Replace Shank
  • Remodelling of old jewellery
  • Custom design of new jewellery


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Happy Customers

''Contacted them at 12pm on a Saturday and by 3pm my ring was fixed! So impressed and really reasonably priced''. 100% recommend.
Laura Porter
Amazing work! Extremely quick and good quality. Highly recommend
Lawrence Michalowski
Excellent work on a simple repair at a good price and turned it round by post in a couple of days,
J addison
Amazing service. They had my bespoke CAD made exactly how I wanted and the ring came out beautiful. The craftsmanship is best from the places I visited in Hatton garden. Great service.
Bilalraza Khan

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