3D printing is becoming popular in the world of jewellery. The technology has brought flexibility and creativity into the design, adding a plethora of possibilities and accessibility to unique jewellery pieces. The speed of 3D printing and the ability to make multiple design iterations in one day is key to using this technology. Reduced lead times make 3D printing a favourable technology to make jewellery, as this gives a competitive market edge.

How to create the perfect 3D file for printing


Once the 3D file is correctly made, the piece requires the creation of polygonal meshes by a NURBS of surfaces or polysurfaces. A solid is the combination of vertexes and polygons defining the polyhedral shape of the object. Rhino creates triangles and quadrilaterals for the exportation to several types of file formats. The correct file is .stl.

File Conversion to STL

Check your file your file you would like to send

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