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Jewellery is the way to represent our luxurious lifestyle. The type of Jewellery we wear represents our social status, prestige, power, and identity. Today Jewellery is also the fashion accessory expressing one’s style. Therefore, some of the preventive maintenance will go a long way in bright and shiny Jewellery Repairs London. These preventative measures reduce the costs of future repair. Furthermore, checking the Jewellery for security purposes helps you to avoid gemstone or diamond falling and the breakage of a chain or necklace. Based on daily wear, we recommend you take your Jewellery to experience repairs in London. According to experts, Jewellery inspection is carried out after 6 months. At Opulence Jewellery Services, you can avail of this service at a low cost.

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What type of Jewellery repair services are offered by Opulence Jewellery Services?

We offer all the Jewellery related quickest services in affordable rates

Gemstone Replacement

Losing your precious stone or diamond is mostly avoidable, this is the main reason for which the Jewellery must be inspected by an experienced Jewellery repairs London like us. Prongs wear down and break off causing your diamond to fell. We replace or extend the prongs and replaces your diamond. If there are several diamonds in the Jewellery item, the new similar diamond will be of the same quality. The same cut diamond is also supplied. For some gemstone replacement them with the exact similar stone is sometimes difficult. We will provide the best resembling gemstone if the exact stone does not match. Or we can replace all the existing gemstones with the new ones so that all the gemstones are of the same kind.

Channels or bezels Replacement

People whose Jewellery has bars and channels and is worn out, mainly the sides of diamonds will be exposed making your diamond close to chipping. We, Opulence Jewellery Services will add the metal of the same long length of the channel, styling in a way that your Jewellery piece will look new and shiny for multiple years and the gemstone replacement will get secure.

How to know the value of your Jewellery?

Each piece of Jewellery is created and designed differently from others. Where some An Experience Jewellery Repairs in London is worth thousands of pounds and some worth a few. Our experts use different criteria to determine the worth of Jewellery which are as follows:

Jewellery item’s weight

The weight of Jewellery determines the value of Jewellery for some Jewellery restoration articles like bangles and chains. As the Jewellery made of gold and silver is weightier than other ordinary materials like brass. With many fake chains and bracelets in the market weight help to check the authenticity of the material. For instance, the solid gold bracelet or chain is consistent, heavy, and smooth even when wearing down. Each piece of gold Jewellery is showing the same color as others can do. And in case if any other part when wear down shows any other color like the dark color or the silver color then it is not gold-made Jewellery repairs london rather gold-plated Jewellery that worth’s less.


Hallmark is very important as it gives information about the country or the origin, the content of the metal of which the Jewellery repairs london is made. This is the hallmark that makes it very easy for us to differentiate between the original and best quality metal than the low-quality metal. These hallmarks are imprinted inside the Jewellery like on the inner side of the ring and bracelet. Some common hallmarks used are 375, 14K, 18K, and 750 for gold, PLATINUM, PLAT, and 950 for platinum, Sterling, Silver, and 800 for silver. Where other hallmarks used for other Jewellery restoration metals are Tiffany and Co, Cartier and Van Cleef, and Arpels.

How to differentiate between gold-made and gold plated Jewellery?

The outer appearance of gold-made Jewellery and the Gold Plating Services are the same but they are not the one thing. Gold Jewellery is worth more and is heavy. Further, each inch of gold Jewellery is of the same color even when to warn down. Gold plated Jewellery in comparison is made up of ordinary metals like brass and bronze and then plated with gold-water to give it the look of original gold Jewellery. Gold plating Services is lighter in weight and is of a different color when worn down. No hallmark is imprinted on gold-plated Jewellery.

What are the factors that affect the quality of Jewellery?

The quality of the Jewellery varies from shop to shop. We offer the best quality Jewellery products to our customers. But they should know that what factors affect the quality and the value of Jewellery Restoration items. Which are as follows


The material of which Jewellery is made an impact the most on the quality and the value of the Jewellery. Jewellery made from precious gemstones and metals is most demanded and worth more. We in Opulence Jewellery Services provide our customers with the best quality original metals and gemstones.


The craftsmanship of the experts behind the styling and manufacturing of the products determines their value. We offer fine Jewellery repairs london craftsmanship, all the items are fit together smoothly, links, and a well-polished surface making the product attractive and appealing.


We provide our customers with unique and rare pieces. Rarity is affecting the piece more than the quality. It determines the no of pieces designed in a similar manner and in certain intervals of time. And since then, how many of them have survived. How many pieces of that Jewellery Restoration are out there? In many cases, rare An Experience Jewellery Repairs in London has high value because of its scarcity.

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