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Opulence Jewellery Services will provide you with all different types of Jewellery repairs shop in London. While setting the standard in Jewellery Restoration London at very competitive prices. We have been the part of Jewellery repairs business for several years and have great knowledge and experience in Jewellery Services in London. All the jewellery repairs in London is carried out here including new clasps, broken chains, ring resizing, gold and rhodium plating, and Gemstone Replacement. And all these services are provided in your waiting time. We are London based solution to all your fine Jewellery Repairs and Jewellery Restoration needs. As long your jewellery item is made of gold, silver and platinum we can help.

Jewellery Repair

Gemstone Replacement London

Our experts are trained enough to easily replace your gemstone with a new one. Whether it is a ring or a necklace. Reach us today so we can replace your old stone with a new, trendy and rare gemstone. We have all the necessary and latest tools used in gemstone replacement London. So it takes minor time to replace a gemstone with a new one Jewellery repairs shop in London.

Gemstone Rethreading

As we are an experienced and professional company so our jewellery can revolve around refining and grinding. An irregular shaped diamond or gemstone can be shaped according to your will. Fascinating? Our experts are completely skilled jewellery for manufacturing and restoring your jewellery. We restore your jewellery with fault. And manufacture a new design as you want. We professionally look at jewellery of any age, style and type and will do everything we can to fix it. Some repairs can be carried out in our showrooms, alternatively, they will be sent to one of our experienced jewellery craftsmen who’ll repair and return it as quickly as possible.

Jewellery and Pearl Polishing and Cleaning

Scratches on your jewellery item whether on the metal body like gold, silver or platinum or a diamond body. We polish every abrasion and scratch. Which will enhance the beauty and attract others at the first sight. We manufacture our cleaning and polishing chemicals by our own or take them from the brand manufacturers. Which will make your jewellery shine again for a long. Metal with scratch with other items and may fall unintentionally. We mix different alloys to turn into a proper shape of Jewellery repairs shop in London. They make use of nickel to make it white. People think that they use silver, but it doesn’t turn yellow gold into white.

Soldering and Re-tip Claws

Soldering is the most needed and most common jewellery repairing service in London that everyone needs. With soldering, we join your broken pieces of gold and platinum. Or we use special glues for diamond engraving. With it, we shape your jewellery item back to its original or existing shape. We also have high tech laser engraving machines. Which engrave the gemstones and diamonds on your jewellery perfectly. Rings, necklaces and earrings have claws which are very essential in each type of jewellery. Claws make the jewellery wearable. And helps the gemstone to fix in their exact position. So if the jewellery claws are worn. Bring your jewellery to us we will re-tip your claws to avoid any further loss.

Chains Repairs

Have your chain got broken? Having pendant but no chain as it is worn out? We can help by repairing your existing chain or showing you a new and elegant designs of chains. So you can select any of the option with us we want to help you keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it. Jewellery repairs shop in London, That’s why we offer an extensive range of repair and support services.

We are the same day Service for Jewellery Restoration

Jewellery restoration service is provided on the same day so that you do not have to wait for long. All the staff are in their waiting mode until you confirm the booking of our Jewellery Restoration London service. And as soon as you confirm, everyone starts to perform their part. We have the latest chemicals and polishers which gives fine and long-lasting results in a short time. Other than chemicals all the tools required for Jewellery Restoration London are installed in their latest and advanced model. Our expertise with the combination of chemicals and tools provide all kinds of Jewellery Repairs services in a very short time. Also, the jewellery repairs rates are very affordable. Our jewellery repairs service starts at £15. Call us today or fill the form on our user-friendly interface and we will respond to you shortly. We suggest you take our jewellery maintenance service after every 6 months so you can prevent any big loss. And if your jewelry with diamond or gemstone is in regular use. Take jewellery maintenance service after every 3 months.

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